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Welcome to The Beverly Hills Insider! My name is Beverly, and I'm the Founder of The Beverly Hills Insider where we not only value real-life experiences, but we create them for you.

I'm a proud Chicago native, but in 1996, I packed my belongings into a vintage Gucci duffle and left the Windy City with my eyes and heart set on Los Angeles. I always knew Beverly Hills was the place for me, and boy was I right.

Alas, when I first arrived in the City of Angels, a Beverly Hills address was beyond my means, so I decided the next best thing would be to work there. And that’s just what I did! Each day I made it my mission to visit a Beverly Hills store and introduce myself. Ten years later, armed with a killer Rolodex, I left the corporate world where I’d been working as an executive assistant to start Beverly Harris Weddings.

After six years producing dream-come-true weddings under the Beverly Harris Weddings umbrella, I decided to share my expertise with a wider audience, so The Beverly Hills Insider was born.

The Beverly Hills Insider is created to help you live a meaningful happy life. If you're tired of spending money on physical things and would like more experiences, The Beverly Hills Insider is here to make it happen.


Experiences help shape identity & create life-long memories.


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