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Hello My Lovelies! First let me apologize for the fuzzy photos. However, when you’re out at Parq Bar Montage Beverly Hills drinking and having a good time, not having fuzzy photos is the last thing on your mind. I’m going to share something with you that I haven’t shared with anyone, this is the first time in years that I’ve gone out and had this much fun. I attend a lot of coffee, lunch and dinner meetings, but not just out for the hell of it.


Yes, this happened! Not a glass, but a bottle of Veuve Clicquot compliments of a lovely friend.


Just two words, Yum! Yum!


More Yum! Yum!


And if delicious food, champagne and an awesome friend wasn’t enough to make the evening special, we were serenaded with hit sounds of R & B.


Thanks for stopping by!

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Can you believe that in just a few short weeks, it will officially be spring? It’s got us dreaming about short-sleeves, skirts, and open-toed shoes. We know it’s still a little early, and spring might even seem like a dream for most of you. Heck, even here in sunny So-Cal, we’re still waiting to see if El Niño is going to flood us out or not.

Well, regardless of any rain or snow on the horizon, designers already have their spring collections out, and we’re digging what we’re seeing. So let’s spend some time celebrating brighter colors, higher hemlines, and freedom for our toes – couture-style, of course. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite designer spring pieces.

Aloha, Spring -Valentino

varsity designer jacket

Nothing is going to get you more ready for spring than tropical prints. Clothes and accessories decked out in palm trees, exotic flora and fauna – I can practically feel the ocean breeze in my hair. Nobody is doing prints better this spring than Valentino. We really love this varsity jacket, made from silky satin and featuring beautiful detailed flowers and a beach scene.

All of The Colors – Elie Saab

color block dress

The best part of spring is when you can start shoving those dark, broody winter pieces to the back of the closet and invest in some color. Color-blocking is a great way to show off some bright hues while still looking chic. This color-block dress from Elie Saab’s Ready to Wear collection is all of that and more. It’s super comfortable and super cute. Who could ask for more?

Saddle Up – Rebecca Minkoff

saddle bag

Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring collection debuted at New York Fashion week in September, and we’ve been pining over everything ever since. The designer just started selling this season’s collection, making this the perfect time to snag this ultra-trendy saddle bag. It’s just big enough to hold all of your essentials but not get in the way as you venture out to enjoy some sunshine.

Can You Dig It? – Versace


The accessories from Versace this season feature a blend of neon colors and 70s-esque prints that make for one groovy combination. Their scarves are especially fun, and they’re perfect for adding a little psychedelic funk to your everyday look. They get bonus points for also being nice and light, which is just what you need on warmer spring days.

Post by Guest Blogger: Julia Panchenko

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It’s Wednesday, dear friends, which means Friday is just on the horizon! If it’s been a hard week, then there’s only one thing to do for almost making it through – celebrate. And there’s nothing that pairs better with a celebration than a tall glass of champagne. Ah, champagne. How do I love thee? It’s bubbly, crisp, and equally fun to look at as it is to drink. My philosophy is that there is no event too small for a glass of the bubbly, and the folks over at Epicurean seem to agree with me. They’ve created this simple yet elegant Champagne and Flute Holder to help you celebrate anything and everything in life.

champagne holder

This beautiful brass holder is now your new best party friend. It keeps a bottle and four flutes together, making it perfect for your guests to walk by and pick up and refill a glass. It’s definitely one of the best things ever invented, up there with sliced bread and brunch. But all those pretty glasses won’t fill themselves.

champagne flutes

Image Courtesy of Waterford

You can get the perfect champagne bottle to put in your beautiful new holder at Beverly Hills’ very own Héritage Fine Wines on Santa Monica Blvd. This elegant boutique store offers the best French wines in LA, as well as champagnes. This bottle of Paul Déthune Mehtusalem 6L should do the trick. Or, if you’re more of a rosé person, such as myself, then try this Comtes de Champagne Rose by Champagne Taittinger on for size. Any one you pick up at Héritage is going to be of the best quality, and absolutely tasty.

The Champagne and Flute holder is definitely something we can raise a glass to. And cheers to you, dear readers, for all of your anythings and everythings.


Post by Guest Blogger: Julia Panchenko

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Happy February, lovely readers! We’re really excited for the start of this month, as one of our favorite awards shows is just around the corner. The Grammys is a different breed than other awards shows; it’s a lot more relaxed, and you can see that all of the stars tend have more fun with their outfit choices. You know what you can have some of the most fun with? Accessories! And there’s no reason we can’t have a little fun of our own. Here are five totally rad accessories that would be perfect on the Grammys red carpet. It’s always fun to pretend, and besides, you never know when it might pay off to be prepared 😉

Accessory #1: The Statement Cuff

bonheur fashion cuff

Bonheur Jewelry is becoming the buzziest jewelry company around. They may be based in NYC, but this company’s designs have become a favorite of many a Beverly Hills celebrity. Their jewelry has just recently been spotted on the likes of Eva Longoria, Janelle Monae, and Bella and Gigi Hadid, the stylish sisters we wish were our own siblings (could you imagine being able to raid their closets?!).
Everything from Bonheur is on-point when it comes to trends and sparkle, which makes them the perfect place to get some bling for the Grammys. We’re thinking this Maelynn Cuff would be right at home on the red carpet.


Accessory #2: The Trusty Pair of Heels

stuart weitzman heels

It’s practically law that when you go to the Grammys, you need to sparkle from head to toe. With the advent of shoe cams, your footwear has to be just as on point as the rest of your outfit. No plain-Jane afterthought heels allowed! Take center stage with a pair of trendy, fun pumps like these from Stuart Weitzman. Glitter? Check. Funky cut-out on the heel? Check. And you can stop to get a pair right on Rodeo.


Accessory #3: The Artsy Clutch



What’s a night out with a trusty clutch? And what’s a night out at the Grammys without a Judith Leiber clutch? You can’t call one of the designer’s clutches anything less than a work of art. And fun art, at that. This Large Airstream clutch would be the perfect outfit companion on music’s biggest night. Lucky us in Beverly Hills we can stop by Saks or Bergdorf Goodman to get one ASAP.


Accessory #4: The Bold Jacket

burberry leather jacket


Since it’s still a bit chilly out, and freezing and/or getting rained on isn’t cool, you can top off your fab new ensemble with a leather jacket. Besides having its practical uses, a leather jacket is fierce, fun, and bold. It’s the perfect thing to add just the right amount of edge to absolutely anything you wear. This biker jacket from Burberry should do the trick, and suede and fringe are totally in.

The Grammys airs on Monday, February 15. Set those DVRs! Unless you’re going. In which case, can we come too?

Post by Guest Blogger: Julia Panchenko

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Happy 2016! We hope you had a relaxing, looooong holiday full of good people and delicious food. Ready or not, the new year is upon us, and we’re ready to dive-in head first into all of the exciting things coming up. It is time once again to get ourselves ready for: awards season! Nothing gets the blood pumping like gorgeous gowns, dapper tuxes, and plenty of shiny, golden statues.

Up first is the Golden Globes, airing this Sunday, January 10th from the beautiful The Beverly Hilton, and it seems our invitations have been lost in the mail yet again. Although we won’t be making our red carpet debut this year, we thought it would be fun to play a little virtual dress-up by picking out some of our fav gowns from the past year.

Our Pick: Starry Night BallgownZuhair Murad, Fall/Winter 2015 Couture Collection

Zuhair Murad Gown - Golden Globes

Image Courtesy of Zuhair Murad

Who Would Rock It: Lupita Nyong’o may not be nominated this year, but there’s no doubt she’ll be gracing us with her amazingness on the red carpet. Lupita will look incredible no matter what she shows up in, but we think this sparkling gown would be a fun, stylish way to give a nod to her recent role in Star Wars.

Our Pick: Burgundy JumpsuitElie Saab, Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Haute Couture

Image Courtesy of Elie Saab - Golden Globes

Image Courtesy of Elie Saab

Who Would Rock It: Elie Saab designs always make me a little weak in the knees, and this beauty is no different. It’ll take a stunning, statuesque woman to do this number justice, and nobody fits the bill better than Robin Wright. Claire Underwood for 2016!

Our Pick: Pink & White DressMonique Lhuillier, Holiday 2015

Image Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier - Golden Globes

Image Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

Who Would Rock It: Alicia Vikander is the latest young starlet taking Hollywood by storm, and for good reason. She’s nominated for not one, but two Golden Globes this year. This feminine, sweet gown will serve her well on the red carpet and on stage should she win (I think her chances look pretty good).

Our Pick: Red Plunge GownThakoon

Image Courtesy of Rent the Runway - Golden Globes

Image Courtesy of Rent the Runway

Who Would Rock It: Thakoon has been creating gorgeous, buzz-worthy couture gowns for a few seasons now. They’re always bold and slinky, with just the right amount of class to tie it all together – just right for Taraji P. Henson to show off her killer physique. Cookie would be pleased.

Our Pick: Lace Paneled Dress (Bailee) – Catherine Deane, Pre-Fall 2015

Image Courtesy of Catherine Deane - Golden Globes

Image Courtesy of Catherine Deane

Who Would Rock It: Catherine Deane gowns are always the perfect mix of a little dark and a little dreamy. We can’t think of anyone who embodies that better than Eva Green, who totally killed it (no pun intended) as Vanessa in the TV series Penny Dreadful.

Well, even if our Golden Globes invites don’t end up getting to us, at least we can sip our champagne and watch the action from the comforts of our couches. We can always try for 2017…

Post by Guest Blogger: Julia Panchenko

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Baby, it’s cold outside! Well, sort of. It’s actually been pretty warm the past few days (what’s up with that?), but at least we get a little taste of winter at night when the temps drop. One of the best ways we get to warm up during this time of year is with holiday drinks. For the nights when the average pumpkin spice or peppermint latte isn’t enough, there’s always the next best option – holiday cocktails! Here’s a list of a few very chic spots that are stirring up some grown-up winter fun that will keep you nice and toasty all through the holidays.

Manhattans at Viviane Restaurant


Image Courtesy of Viviane Restaurant’s Instagram

At Viviane Restaurant, located at the very classy yet modern Avalon Beverly Hills on Olympic, you can get not just one, but three glasses of various Manhattans. You’ll get one traditional, and the other two have a special twist to them that make them not only delicious, but will warm you down to your bones. It’s just the kind of thing you want during this time of year.

The Con Artist at Spaghettini


Image Courtest of Spaghettini’s Instagram

For those wanting something more seasonal, the Con Artist is something you need to try at Spaghettini. Besides having a really cool name, this whiskey drink is all heat. The punch of cinnamon bark keeps things toasty, but it’s not too overpowering. The fresh raspberries and lemon mixed in gives it a nice, fresh taste as well. The Con Artist is the perfect partner in crime to help you relax during the holiday rush.

The Fig Sidecar at Bar Nineteen12


Image Courtesy of

Occasionally I like to indulge in classic flavors associated with winter, but when paired with alcohol, the result is often too sickly sweet. You won’t find that at Bar Nineteen12, where they’re mixing up true seasonal cocktails that are well-blended and delicious. The spiced mulled wine settles over you like a warm blanket (a really delicious, warm blanket), and their Fig Sidecar is definitely something to consider trying. Nothing says Happy Holidays like fig-infused cognac!

The Chaplin at Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room


Image Courtesy of Above SIXTY Beverly Hills

Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room is nestled in Above SIXTY Beverly Hills hotel on Wilshire Blvd.  It’s worth stopping by to try one of their most popular concoctions, The Chaplin. After a long day full of shopping and planning, this drink is definitely a nice pick-me-up. Hendricks is mixed with Zucchini water, which creates a very nice shade of green (not the weird, should-I-even-drink-that kind). I think that’s pretty festive!

Enjoy, take some time to relax, and Happy Holidays! We’ll be seeing you all again in the new year.

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Happy holidays everyone! If it was too early to start the celebrations before, now is the perfect time to get into the holiday spirit. It’s time for all of the decorations, comfy sweaters, pretty lights, and, of course all of the seasonal events happening around the city. Beverly Hills offers plenty of fun activities you can go to with friends, family, and anyone visiting from out of town. We’ve taken the stress out of figuring out what to do by listing some of the best holiday activities in town. All you have to do is enjoy everything the holidays have to offer. ‘Tis the season!

Annual Holiday Concert

Image Courtesy of The Huffington Post

First up on the list is the annual Holiday Concert the city hosts on Sunday, December 13 from 1 p.m. -2:30 p.m. Located at the Beverly Gardens Park in front of the iconic Beverly Hills sign, the concert will feature a wide range of holiday music sung by local school choirs. Urth Caffe will also be providing delicious seasonal complimentary beverages. After enjoying some holiday music with a warm beverage in hand, you can wander around nearby streets and take in all of the lovely lights and decorations now up!

Holiday Carolers


Image Courtesy of 208 Rodeo

You can enjoy the wonderful music of the holidays all month long in Beverly Hills. Every Saturday until the 19, the Tinseltone Strolling Carolers will serenade everyone in the Two Rodeo area from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. There’s nothing like listening to live carols as you move from store-to-store doing your holiday shopping. And the decorations on this part of the street are to die for. You can take it all in by dining at 208 Rodeo restaurant, where you’ll have the perfect view of everything and can hear the carolers as they stroll around!

Happy Hanukkah!


Image Courtesy of Montage – Beverly Hills

For those that celebrate Hanukkah, the Montage will be hosting the lighting off the menorah every day during this holiday from December 6-14 at 5 p.m. If you happen to be staying at the Montage, you can bring the kiddies to their Hanukkah celebration on December 9. There will be plenty of arts and crafts and Hannukah activities (spin the dreidel, anyone?) to keep them entertained.

Visit Santa & Mrs. Claus


Image Courtesy of Two Rodeo

What would the holidays be without visiting Santa and his lovely wife, Mrs. Claus? Of course because they’re in Beverly Hills, this won’t be just your average visit. Every weekend in December, you can join Santa at the Paley Center for free screenings of classic holiday T.V. specials. For those who want to enjoy some fresh air, Mrs. Claus will be hosting a trolley tour every hour from 11am to 2 p.m. that will take you around Beverly Hills while she tells stories and sings songs.

A New Year’s Eve Masquerade

For some post- Christmas festivities, The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel on La Cienega will be hosting a divine Spanish Masquerade on New Year’s Eve. Costume parties are always so much fun, and masquerades are the best kind, as everyone is decked out in glitzy dresses and suits and over-the-top masks. The Bazaar will have endless supplies of champagne, specialty foods, and desserts to keep you happy until the clock strikes midnight. If you want a VIP experience for you and your friends, you’ll want to look into their specialty packages.
You know it’s going to be a good party when the slogan is “Leave your resolutions at the door”!

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Good Morning Everyone! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Today I’m sharing my interview with Liliya Dilanyan. Who’s Liliya, you ask? She’s a well-known domestic and international fashion designer. She’s beautiful, talented, humble and caring. Well, see for yourself…

RAY PRO 0389 Rodeo SessionBeverly: Hi, Liliya, it’s nice to meet finally. We follow each other on social media, but it’s so much better to meet in person. Let’s start with, who you are.

Liliya: Hi Beverly, the pleasure is mine, as you mentioned, my name is Liliya and I am the CEO and Head Designer of Isabella Couture.  I was born and raised in Armenia.  At the age of 10 my family moved to America where we settled in SLC, Utah for 10 years.  We then moved to Los Angeles as the majority of our relatives live here.

Growing up in Southern CA, I worked a few different jobs over the years trying to follow my passion and find my way. Often, I worked two different jobs while attending school. When I earned my degree in Business Management, I began working at a law firm as an auditor which I did for 3 years.  I then went to work for a Tax/Bookkeeping firm and worked there for another 5 years. Throughout that time though I was also a freelance make-up artist and worked with personal clients, fashion shows and photo shoots.  It was not only fun for me, but also very revealing as to my passion for the creative.  Unfortunately, the makeup industry usually offers high-competition and low-pay.

As I progressed in my work and later got married, I was blessed to have a beautiful daughter and she’s the apple of my eye.  She’s also very creative, which led to the spark which ignited my endeavor.  She was asked to be a flower girl and would need to wear a pretty dress, neither of us liked what they chose for her and we saw a need and decided to fill that need!  I went to my mom and said we need to make the most beautiful flower girl dress. Well, people noticed. So, my business side woke up when my creative side broke free and I started marketing my work to more and more audiences.  Before I knew it, people were placing order after order and I remember the overwhelming excitement I felt.

Beverly: I know your work was recently featured at the LAFW, what was your proudest moment about the show?  If you had to do anything over again, what would it be?

Liliya: My proudest moment came about half way through the show when I took a moment for myself and let the reality of all we’ve accomplished just wash over me.  I remember it vividly…there’s been so much turmoil and scrambling to make deadlines that I’ve hardly had a chance to stop and take it all in.  When I see how far I’ve come it makes me so proud.  We had very little time to put this entire production together, so it took every bit of my passion, effort, drive and hunger…I mean, we had less than a month and through grit and miracles, we made it happen!  All the gowns were custom made for each model based on their measurements.  My mother and grandmother are my biggest supporters, they help me so much and I can’t thank them enough.  This was my second time showing with LAFW and the experience was amazing.

isabella-couture-1089 isabella-couture-1113

Beverly:  When can we expect the next Isabella Couture show?  And where will it take place?

Liliya:  The next show for FW/16 is in March, we are finalizing the location as we speak – details to come shortly!

Beverly:  Ok, so what exactly is Isabella Couture?

Liliya:  Isabella Couture is a high-end brand for children and women that caters to clients all over the world, including Australia, Russia, Brazil, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and growing.

Beverly:  What is the inspiration behind the name Isabella Couture?

Liliya:  My beautiful daughter.  Isabella is her middle name and when we were deciding on a name for our new adventure, we decided on going with the name that inspired it all.

Beverly: When you say “Couture,” what do you mean?

Liliya: Couture basically means custom sewing and designing fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.  All of our gowns are specifically made-to-measure for each client.

Beverly:  Where can we find and purchase your designs?

Liliya:  We have a studio located in North Hollywood, CA and you can also shop online at

Beverly: Do you have any plans to open your own Isabella Couture boutique?

Liliya: I’m looking to expand my studio and that is what I want more rather than a boutique.  Since our clothes are custom made-to-order, there are no standard size. However, I would love to distribute a few pieces to high-end stores such as Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Saks and Barney’s New York.

Beverly:  Wedding season is approaching, can we find you at any upcoming bridal shows?

Liliya:  We’ve been fortunate enough to be invited by a couple different companies, we are still in the decision process as we want to make sure we stay committed to quality and not take on more than we can handle – but I’d say it’s going to happen soon!

Beverly: I saw on Instagram your “Mommy and Me” photos. What inspired the Mommy and Me idea?

Liliya: Well, not only is my little girl my daughter, she’s like my mini-me and my best friend.  We do everything together, and, I’ll admit it, we even try to match on occasion.  The Mommy and Me collection has really gained popularity and it’s the perfect timing for me to showcase the new designs.  We did our Mommy and Me shoot recently in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Dr. and I can’t tell you how many people we stopped by to compliment us on our work – not to mention all the traffic our models caused!  lol

Isabella Couture

Beverly:  Are there any Designers who inspire you?  If so, who are they and how do they inspire you?

Liliya:  I have a few favorites, actually quite a few, but some notables definitely include: Giambattista Valli, Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab, Zac Posen, just to name a few.

Beverly:  What do you do when you’re not working on Isabella Couture?

Liliya:  When I’m not in the studio I’m with my daughter.  We have little time to spend together with our busy schedules, so whenever I have free time I spend it with her.

Beverly:  What’s your favorite thing to do with your downtime?

Liliya:  Uh, what’s downtime?  lol

Beverly:  How do you manage children in your line of work?

Liliya:  I love children so that makes it easier for me to manage.  Working with them is challenging but I’ve learned that patience is key, and although they may tend to wander, they also crave order and structure, as such, I communicate very clearly, kindly and firmly…it’s never perfect, but all worth it in the end. They just light up my day.

Beverly:  What advice do you have for mothers who aspire to be entrepreneurs, but find it challenging?

Liliya: To never give up!  Stay strong and positive no matter what!  Never stop believing in you.  Your day will come.  You are here for a reason!  Put your mind to it, draw it out, vision it, fight for it, fail at it….BUT NEVER GIVE UP!

Beverly: What can we next expect from Liliya in 2016? Any new developments?

Liliya: Well we are working on a few special projects, and even an upcoming tour, so please stay on the lookout!

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Have you begun your holiday shopping yet? You may think it’s far too soon to start making a list, but if you don’t want to be dashing around last-minute trying to get something for everyone (and we both know that never works out too well), now is the perfect time to start figuring out who should get what. Plus, the more time you give yourself, the more time you have actually to come up with something memorable.

If getting started makes you want to pull your hair out, we’ve compiled some pretty unforgettable gift ideas that might help you scratch some people off the list. T-minus 37 days, people!

Wine & Dine

Wine Tasting

Image Courtesy of Wally’s Beverly Hill’s Instagram

A bottle of wine is usually a good gift, but it’s also a rather standard, run-of-the-mill choice. Take things up a notch for your wine-aficionado friends by treating them to a day of wine tasting. No, you don’t have to fly everyone up to Napa (although please invite us if you do); it can be done right here in Beverly Hills at Wally’s on Canon Drive. They boast hundreds of different kinds of wine you can sample, plus a myriad of meats, cheeses, chocolates, and caviar to indulge in. Make it even more special by booking a private room for a more intimate tasting and fine dining experience.

The Gift of Food

thai food

Image Courtesy of Thai Food Page’s Pinterest

For the foodie in your life, consider treating them to a food tour in Los Angeles. We would recommend checking out Melting Pot Food Tours based on Wilshire Blvd due to their more upscale options. One of the tours led by none other than Chef Jet Tila and was previously only available to journalists and visiting chefs. Melting Pot can also work with you to create a custom food tour or private tasting tailored to what someone loves best.

A Luxury Spa Day


Image Courtesy of The Pensinsula

It’s no secret that Beverly Hills is home to a myriad of luxury spas, some of which are considered to be the best in the world. For someone who is in need of a day of pampering, you can pick up a gift certificate for a specialty spa treatment. The Peninsula offers certificates for a signature massage or facial. At Tomoko, you can treat someone to their luxury service and one of many specialized spa treatments.

The Neiman Marcus Gift Book

Image Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Image Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

The annual Christmas Gift Book released by Neiman Marcus is known for containing the most divine gift ideas imaginable. The gift book features some of their finest products of the season, one of which might be perfect for the designer buff in your life. There’s even a section for gifts under $100 in case you’re on a budget or looking for fab stocking stuffers. The Fantasy Gifts section contains the most extravagant gifts you could possibly imagine. Even if you can’t buy something from it, it’s still fun to flip through!

If Only Experiences

Rachel Zoe Studio

Image Courtesy of If Only

For those who are looking for something unique and spectacular, If Only is the place to go. It’s a bit overwhelming looking at all of the exciting experiences and items they have to offer, but luckily they have compiled a great holiday section. They’ve curated their best stuff for every type of person, from the foodie to the adventurer to the fashion maven. You can cross quite a few people off your list here, and maybe you’ll even be able to pick up something fun for yourself.

Post by Guest Blogger: Julia Panchenko

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